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  • NEW inkomfe® Skin Repair with MLE.

Containing the NEW inkomfe® Marula Bar and the inkomfe® Original Skin Bar, this versatile skin bar i

  • NEW! inkomfe® Duo Bar.

If you are looking for softer, smoother, healthier skin then the New inkomfe® Duo Bar has been speci

  • NEW! inkomfe® Marula Bar.

The NEW inkomfe® Marula Bar is designed for all skin types, but especially for combination skin. So

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inkomfe® News

  • For the First Time I now have Nice Nails.

  • Thank you for the inkomfe Skin Repair I Love it, for the first time I now have nice nails. I'm a keen runner. I bought a new pair of trainers and i got a blister on my heel, which turned into a huge wart. I've tried every treatment and ended up at the doctors, which still didn’t do anything to my wart.

    I started to put the cream on it and it has started to go! Which is amazing! Also thank you for the sample size. It's great to carry around in my bag.

    I shall be re-ordering soon.

    Many Thanks


  • inkomfe Skin Repair - a great find!

  • Its light and easy and very moisturising. Whenever I use moisturising cream I always have to use two types because my skin is very, very dry. I thought when using this inkomfe skin repair cream that the same would happen. But I only needed to use this one cream, it was brilliant and I am very pleased with it. It’s a great find.

    It has eliminated the need for 2 creams! Well worth the price tag.

    I shall try other inkomfe products now as i have had such success with the skin repair cream.

    Thank you inkomfe.


  • inkomfe Skin Repair

  • I have used the inkomfe Skin Repair cream on my face for the last week and it is very light and easy to apply and feels very moisturising, so all in all it is very nice. Many thanks again for the sample.

    Kind regards

  • Skin Repair with MLE relieved Eczema pain.

  • I have suffered from Exzcma for years. Mainly on my hands and face..painful and not very attractive! On my last attack on my hands, I was given Inkomfe cream with MLE to try, Instantly my hands were relievd of the pain, and within a day or so had minimised the redness.

    Brilliant, would totally reccomend.


  • Scalp Wash and Care are excellent!

  • Hello
    I am very pleased to provide you with feedback about your excellent (no, miraculous product. I am 59 years old and have suffered with a dry scalp all my life. For the past 5 years or so I have had my hair professionally coloured regualry and prior to using your product, within an hour of leaving the hairdresser, I was tearing at my scalp – and this went on for about 3 weeks each time I had it coloured. I even considered going gracefully grey!!! I have tried everything over the years and nothing had worked.

    After the initial application of your product at the hairdresser, I then apply it again before bed that night and again in the morning and this does on for another day. Then I apply it twice more after shampooing and that usually does the trick!

    I originally found out about your product when I found your ad in a professional hair magazine whilst sitting waiting for my appointment in the hairdresser! They thought I was a bit strange taking my bottle in every time I had my hair coloured and asking them to apply it. However, the last time I went my hairdresser wrote down the details of the product as she has another client with my condition. She said, I think we might have to stock this product!!.

    Jacky Taylor.

  • This Works!!!

  • I have been using the Scalp Wash And Scalp Care. It began to improve my seborrhoeic Dermatitis after day 1 and is now (after 2/3 months continuous use) completely better.

    I would happily recommend this product to anyone with a similar scalp condition.

    I AM 100% BETTER!

    Ruth J

  • 40 of Hairdressing and this is the best product so far!

  • I am a retired hairdresser (40 years!) and have been using the Shampoo and Conditioner. i have been using 2 shampoos, leaving 1 in for at least 5 mins then rinsing and applying the conditioner as a leave-in product.

    In 40 years of hairdressing I have used every product going and this is the best so far. Even my husband is using it for a dry scalp.

    Excellent product. Very Calming and stops itching.

    Sandra Weight

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

  • I would like to let you know how delighted i am with the new inkomfe shampoo and scalp treatment.

    I normally have quite a sore and flaky scalp but since using inkomfe, the redness has gone and much of the flakiness is now beginning to disappear. I have not always been a fan of leave-in conditioner, but the inkomfe leave-in treatment has done a superb job.

    Best wishes
    Jess Mitchell.

  • Thank You for the Wonderful Soap you have created.

  • I write this letter to say Thank You for the Wonderful Soap you have created. I myself personally benefited and enjoyed using this soap and believe many others suffering psoriasis disease would be the same if they had the opportunity to use the Skin Bar.

    It takes away itching, cleans off my skin of those ugly red spots. What is more, after washing using this soap, my skin gives me wonderful feel and smell too.

    I’ve been using this Soap for only a few weeks and my skin has improved a lot. I felt the change just after using it three times. Now I cut down a lot of my medication which according to the doctor damages my vital organs.

    There are not enough words to say thank you for the Good Job you have done!

    Best wishes from a sincere heart.
    Wish you all the success!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Sheng Li Ge.

  • Skin Bar saved the Babys Skin!

  • Hello

    My sister had a beautiful baby girl in July called Ruby May. Since birth Ruby May has suffered terribly from irritant skin, sometimes it would be so bad it looked like she had been burned. So much so that sometimes my sister didn’t want to take her out as people would always stare. My sister was forever going to the doctors and trying out new creams, lotions and always on Antibiotics, but nothing seemed to help. She finally saw a skin specialist and they said that it was Atopic Eczema. She was supplied with a whole new load of creams, which did help a bit but not much. My friend’s husband, Andy King at Dedlock and Barnet in Guilford, gave me a sample of your inkomfe Skin Bar for my sister to try. Well after 3 days you could see a remarkable improvement and Ruby May looked so gorgeous and was a happy smiley baby, which we hadn’t really realised how unhappy it must of made her before. She has now been using the bar for 3 weeks and Ruby Mays skin is practically perfect.

    Your products have made such a huge difference to my sister’s life as it was really getting her down, seeing her baby in pain and miserable all the time. We have been telling everyone about your products and strongly recommend them.


  • inkomfe Shampoo & Conditioner

  • The very first night that I applied the scalp care (conditioner), I was a bit sceptical, but my scalp was really itching at the time, and I immediately thought that the bottom line was that even if it did not work, it was very soothing. I used the shampoo every morning, and the scalp care (conditioner) every morning and evening, at bed-time. Today, two and a half weeks later, I have no remaining eczema type scabs in my scalp at all, and my wife says that the condition of my hair looks very much better than before. I am still continuing to use both products for the moment.

    In a few words inkomfe products are naturally soothing…Very effective.

    At my age, one gets a bit sceptical about many product claims, particularly in the skin/hair care industry, but I really could not have hoped to have had such good results…And in such a short space of time.

  • inkomfe Skin Bar

  • Dear Sir or Madam

    I was recently given a bar of inkomfe soap. I suffer from very sore itchy dry skin and a flaky itchy scalp. I am unable to use any sort of soap and have tried many brands of shampoo. Sometimes I will use them and the symptoms are slightly soothed but soon return.

    The inkomfe soap is BRILLIANT. It causes no irritation and for the first time in two years a wound on my hand has healed up.

    Yours sincerely