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  • NEW inkomfeŽ Skin Repair with MLE.

Containing the NEW inkomfeŽ Marula Bar and the inkomfeŽ Original Skin Bar, this versatile skin bar i

  • NEW! inkomfeŽ Duo Bar.

If you are looking for softer, smoother, healthier skin then the New inkomfeŽ Duo Bar has been speci

  • NEW! inkomfeŽ Marula Bar.

The NEW inkomfeŽ Marula Bar is designed for all skin types, but especially for combination skin. So

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South Africa is regarded as one of the world's most desirable eco-tourism destinations. Many of its indigenous fauna and flora are under threat of extinction. inkomfeŽ supports the protection of these plants through various conservation programmes, helping to ensure the responsible utilisation of the species.

Brenton Blue Butterfly The Brenton Blue butterflies pictured on the outer wrapping of inkomfeŽ are endangered. Until a few years ago they were threatened with total extinction. Due to a local South African campaign to save the Brenton Blue Butterfly, this beautiful winged insect has a chance of survival. We at inkomfeŽ urge you to respect and protect the world's natural heritage. Donations from the sales of inkomfeŽ products will be utilised for the preservation of the above named species.